Construction begins

The Bearpit is undergoing a makeover.  Between March and July, there are works going on that will change the feel of the space, with the aim of making the area safer and more pleasant for pedestrians and cyclists.  There will be a new paved surface, some changes to the layout of the raised areas, new lighting, and there will be steps down into the space from a new walkway/cycleway round the edge at road level.

The makeover will be carried out in phases. In Phase One of the work, new light-controlled pedestrian crossings will be installed at road level at The Haymarket (outside Debenhams) and at the bottom of Stokes Croft near 51 Degrees, the apartment block which stretches across the road.

Once these crossings have been completed, there will be a refurbishment of the sunken area, including new stairways from the crossings.

The third phase will see part of the existing roadway used to create an new inner rim at road level for pedestrians and cyclists. It will mean they can cross the busy roads in safety without using the subways.

The council set aside £1 million for the scheme nearly two years ago because they saw the importance of connecting Stokes Croft with the city centre.

Read more: Bristol Post article  and  Bristol Council press release.

The designs can be seen in the Bearpit Walkay Project slide.