Grow Wild awards us £3,000 to create community garden!


We hope the Garden will be a place where people of all ages will come to learn, share skills, make friends and be a part of this amazing regeneration project. The Bearpit is a unique place in the city centre of Bristol. It has a great personality, we have a Market and traders that fill the space with life and activity, our aim to have the Garden is to create an oasis in the bustling city.

We hope the Garden becomes a place where office workers come have a walk around during their lunch hours or to destress and just do simple things like stop and smell the flowers in the chaotic city life. By forging ties with the community to create the garden, converting the land into something beautiful it has the potential to reduce neighbourhood crime and antisocial behaviour, giving everyone a sense of ownership and pride. We want the garden to teach locals about the amazing native flowers in a fun and inspiring way, pulling different kinds of people of all ages, including children together. It can become a place where people can exchange skills from building a raised bed or growing a your own wild flower meadow in your backyard.

The People’s Garden aims to develop and build a stronger community bridging the gap between the work the Bearpit Improvement Group does with the general public.

How will it thrive?

The success of the People’s Garden will be measured on how we can make the public engage with it. We will use all our communicating aims to ensure the public care for the space and give everyone a sense of ownership over the space. Maintainance will be a key element and that’s why we know the importance of having a budget to ensure the Garden will be kept. As much as we know how volunteers are wonderful, we know time costs money, and in extreme cases know a professional may need to be hired every now and then to tidy up and ensure the health of the plants and flowers.

Interested in making this happen? We’re looking for a project manager to take this amazing opportunity forward.