An important part of the masterplan for the Bearpit is to bring it to life with vegetation. The structural work required to accommodate the trees and other plants is well underway: some gabians (metal cages filled with stones to create a container) have been installed and a retaining wall of sleepers is under construction.

Once these works have been completed, the planting can begin. The planting plan is “subtly edible” in the words of BIG director responsible for greening and the driving force behind Incredible Edible Bristol, Sara Venn. It comprises fruit trees, a shrub layer of soft fruit bushes and an under layer of herbs. The plan is to use willow for hedging which will be cut back as necessary and, ideally, used for weaving and stick making.

Subject to the building works being completed, the plan is to plant the trees over the winter and the rest of the planting will be carried out in the spring. Sara will be needing a crew of volunteer planters to help with the greening of the Bearpit. These planting sessions can be great fun and very satisfying when you get to stand back and see the results. If you are interested in joining the planting crew, contact